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Marvel: Contest of Champions mobile game is a game that has hooked many young teens, families and friends. With plenty of fighting and lovable comic characters, even parents are willing to play the game along with their children. The mobile game can be played alone or along with friends as it is a multi-player game and there is not much violence or blood and gory involved in the game. The Marvel Universe is a fictional universe where the fighting game involves Marvel characters that you can have in your hero roster and show that you have a greater pack of heroes. You can also interact with friends and exchange gifts and messages with them once you complete quests. When you form an Alliance it will be fun to play with your friends as you can help your friends whenever in need or give suggestions or work together to attain same goals. You can also make use of the marvel contest of champions cheats to collect resources and proceed fast with the game.

marvel contest of champions cheats

Marvel contest of champions hack – The Siblings of the Game

Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are siblings who get cosmic radiation, the exposure of which gives them immense abilities. Sue Storm is the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four whose power of making herself invisible is her chief trait while Johnny can set his entire body on flame and fly with the flames. They use specially fitted suits which help them as they move about.

Reed and Sue Richards have a son named Franklin and a daughter, Valeria. Franklin can alternate the future through his dreams while Valeria has immense intelligence.

Pietro Maximoff and Wanda are also included in the list of siblings in the Marvel Universe. They face plenty of internal conflict and share many heart-breaking moments. Wanda is the Scarlet Witch who has kinetic energy with which she can block, thwart and attack her enemies.

The Summer boys are everyone’s favorite with Scott being the elder brother called as Cyclops, the younger brothers are Alex, called as Havok and Gabriel, called as Vulcan. Cyclops can shoot laser beams with his eyes through his sunglasses.

Thanos and Eros are villains who create a lot of chaos in the Marvel Universe. He is a famous Avengers villain with a golden fist.

Thor and Lodi are demi-gods and are a part of Avengers. Thor Odinson has an adopted brother named Loki set to find their older sister Angela. The siblings reunite after going through many battles and adventures.

Ghost Rider is about the bond between Robbie Reyes and Gabe, the brothers who enjoy a human and inhuman body as they go adventuring along.

T’Challa is the young king who turns into the Black Panther to kill the villain. Shuri is his young half-sister who has a jealous streak within her. The adventure of T’Challa who is hunting down the murderer of his father is awesome.

Marvel: Contest of Champions mobile game is all about family and fun where there are many siblings working together in the Marvel Universe. Play as a family and enjoy it together.

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