Astonishing Things To Do With Responsibility In Simcity Buildit

I have played several Android and iOS games but if found that Simcity Buildit features to be extremely intriguing and exciting. I felt engrossed and involved with the game for as long as I was into it. I could do various astonishing things, like creating a city and running it according to my own wish, although I was vested with lots of responsibilities. Just building a city is not all in this game as I had to keep their level of happiness high at all times. For that purpose I had to follow certain strategies and plans which were not only effective but interesting as well.As a mayor of the city I was solely responsible for the happiness of my citizens.

Right from the very beginning I found the game’s features, including the graphics, sound effects and animation, to be captivating. I was given a few pieces of land when I started playing Simcity Buildit wherein I had to build a whole city, full with all basic amenities. Once I laid a few buildings for residence and utility services, I started to expand my small town into a thriving metropolis. I added buildings for generation of resources, industrial areas and residential areas as well. I found that throughout the game there were thought and speech bubbles of the citizens which sometimes gave me lot of resources.

Though there is another useful way to generate resources as much as I wanted by using the simcity buildit cheats, I found the other resource generation features are also equally helpful. I could earn a lot of money by trading my goods and surplus products in the global market as well as in the local Trade depot. I was also allowed to visit the neighboring cities and made the maximum use of it by trading from their marketplace as well. This enabled me to have more materials for expansion for cheap and also in a very quick time.

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I found that it is easier to build a city while playing Simcity Buildit but it is more difficult to manage it properly and effectively. I always had to keep the happiness index in mind and consider the fact that once it reaches to a minimum percentage, my citizens will start an exodus and I will have more and more abandoned buildings. This will reduce my revenue to a lot as having more happy citizens is the prime concern of the game because happy citizens will pay more taxes and revenues.

Therefore, I found this managing part more interesting in Simcity Buildit game. I could upgrade by buildings, which is more beneficial than building new ones, add city services and factories which made my city safe and complete. The difficulty level of the game increased as I went higher up in the game but I found all of it easily manageable. I provided all the utilities fast to prevent my city from shutting down. This feature of the game I liked very much as it improved my ability to take effective decisions fast which took my city to the right direction.